Glossary of Terms

A place for the storing of goods or a Station where transport vehicles load or unload the shipments.

Hazardous Chemical:

Defined by OSHA as any chemical that is a health hazard or a physical hazard.

Inter-modal Transport Equipment
A diversity of equipment used to transport the same loading unit, whereby two or more modes of transport are used in an integrated manner.

ISO Tank

ISO Tank containers are a popular type of Intermodal Transport Equipment for the transportation of liquid bulk cargo. They consist of a 20 foot container frame with a (stainless) steel barrel inside the frame. There are a variety of types and models available in the market, each serving the specific needs of a product or transport type. ISO tank developed for the carriage of all types of liquids, ranging from (food grade) liquids, non-hazardous, and hazardous liquids, including corrosives, flammables, toxics, and explosives.

An Intermediate bulk container (IBC) is a container used for transport and storage of bulk materials, which is designed for mechanical handling; and is resistant to the stresses produced in handling and transport; IBCs are various types depending on the application.

International Organization for standardization to develop and publish international standards.

Pressure Test

It’s a test carried by a specialist to determine that there are any leaks in the tank or not.

Pounds per square inch – unit of pressure (1 psi = 0.069 bar)

Periodic Testing
Tank containers must undergo periodic inspections to uphold the validity of approvals.
2.5 Year Test – Includes a visual inspection (external and internal), a leakage test and a test of the satisfactory operation of all service equipment (including all valves and fittings).
5 Year Test – Includes a hydrostatic pressure test, a visual inspection (internal and external), a leakage test and a test of the satisfactory operation of all service equipment (including all valves and fittings).

Tank cleaning
Removal of all traces of a cargo from the tanks of a tanker by using chemicals, high pressure and high temperature steam jets.

Tank trailer
A truck trailer equipped as a tanker, used to carry liquids such as oil, milk, or chemicals