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When was EDS established & where is it located

EDS started its operations in October 2010. It is located at KM 25 Alexandria – Cairo Desert Road, Alexandria, Egypt.

What is EDS’ main area of specialization?

EDS provides specialized cleaning, repair and depot services for ISO tank containers, a service that the Egyptian market was lacking. Cleaning by Steam is one of Egytrans Depot Solutions’ areas of specialization.

How does the cleaning process take place in EDS depot?

ISO tanks are unloaded from their trucks and suitably placed for cleaning. The cleaning heads are secured to the cleaning hatch and the cleaning process is carried out based on the recommended procedure. Cleaning is performed using Chemicals, High Pressure and High Temperature Steam Jets.

What is the average time to clean an ISO tank in the EDS depot?

The average cleaning time is from 1-2 hours, depending on the products that needs to be cleaned

What assurance is there that the cleaning process is performed according to international standards?

EDS issues a cleaning certificate for each tank cleaned at its facilities in compliance with international standards.

What about the quality of the cleaning process?

EDS has chosen one of the most highly rated international suppliers for cleaning systems and equipment. The workflow is implemented through an automatically controlled system to achieve optimal results even when compared to European Depots.

Are repair & maintenance available in EDS depot?

Yes, if repair or maintenance is required, the clean ISO tank is then transported to the maintenance area where competent technicians follow the client’s instructions concerning the parts to be replaced. After completion, the ISO tank is inspected and certified fit to carry its intended cargo.

Is there a storage area in the EDS depot?

The facility also provides the required space to accommodate the client’s needs – all in one place! EDS has a 2400 m2 storage yard suitable for storage of hazardous and flammable products.

Is EDS depot environmentally controlled?

EDS has made an agreement with the Alexandria Governorate Environmental Authorities for waste disposal. Through this agreement our operators are assured of the disposal of the effluent through environmentally friendly methods in compliance with international codes. EDS’ yard is a safe and controlled environment that undergoes regular audits.